10 Things that Would Go Down #InWakanda #WakandaForever

1BlessedNatural: 10 Things that Would Go Down in Wakanda #WakandaForever (photo cred: Marvel/Instagram/Chadwick Boseman)

The Black Panther movie has everybody talking about the great mythical African nation of Wakanda! It is a technologically advanced place that is just lit with African culture. So, let's take a look at 10 things that would go down #InWakanda (according to Twitter) if it actually existed.

1. First and foremost!

2. The phrase "those sound like fighting words" would be translated into

3. We would find out that MJB's dance moves are essential for our survival because

4. There would be no such thing as the "Wedding Song" because 

5. Us naturals would not have to worry because 

6. And...

7.  All of us would bow our heads and pray that
8. ...And
9. It's would only be right that

10.  There would be no such thing as a wrong turn because 

There were so many more funny #InWakanda tweets! Type #InWakanda below if you want me to do a Part 2!

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