"Because of Them We Can" Creator Says T-Shirts Ripped Off By Target

"Because of Them We Can" Creator Says T-Shirts Ripped Off by Target 

Creator, innovator, and founder of "Because of Them We Can" Eunique Jones Gibson is outraged because she said Target ripped off her t-shirt by creating their own version. For those of you who are not aware, Jones started the multimedia "Because of Them We Can" campaign in 2013. Backpacks, t-shirts, and other items could be seen with the names of Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, more! Jones produces videos and other forms of media that promote positive images of Black people, especially kids.

Yesterday, Jones released a tweet saying, "Rather than partner with or carry "Becauseofthem tees - @Target instead created their own "Because of Them" t-shirts for "blackistorymonth." The post included one of the creator's tees and Target's imitation tee side by side.

Listen, can I just say the Target tee is ugly? The design is a hot mess. It looks like there was no thought put into it. The message was snatched and placed there like no one would notice. The t-shirt has the names Harriet, Malcom, Ida, and Martin in a square. Inside the square are the words "Lead The Way." Smh.  The item was originally called the "Because of them" shirt but has since been changed to the "Lead The Way" shirt in the item's listing on Target's website.

Eunique Jones Gibson, creator of Because of Them We Can! #BlackHistoryMonth (photo cred: Instagram/Eunique Jones Gibson)
In addition to her tweet, Eunique Jones Gibson also wrote a blog post about the whole situation on the Medium. In it she says Target's shirt is so close to the "Because of Them We Can" shirt that people thought she had a partnership with them. She said, While this Black History Month "Because of Them" t-shirt from Target appears to be affiliated or connected with our brand, it is not. But it was enough to cause people to believe we had some sort of partnership with them. What Target has done happens too often. It is ethically shady."

I agree with Jones... Why not just do a partnership? The entrepreneur said she was reluctant to come out and say something, but she'd seen so many companies do the exact same thing. She ends the post on a high note by declaring "...The work continues" and I agree! I'm glad she spoke up! Target hasn't released a statement.

What do you think?