Tamar Braxton's Reason for Shaving Her Hair Off is Relatable

1BlessedNatural Mag: Tamar's Reason for Shaving Her Hair Off is Relatable (photo cred: Instagram/Tamar Braxton)
Tamar Braxton is bald and "finally free"! Yesterday, the singer posted a video of her hair being shaved off her head on Instagram. She said she was tired of wigs and weaves. The 40-year-old explained that she no longer wanted to be a slave to her and other people's opinions. She said, "WE can  choose to stop these things from having power and victory over us!! And for me, that stars TODAY."

We hear you, Tamar! The fact that many women feel like they cannot leave the house without a wig or weave was discussed in a past episode of Being Mary Jane when Mary Jane, played by Gabrielle Union. M.J. said she didn't want to leave the house without her weave. Tamar Braxton and Mary Jane's thoughts are very common among women when it comes to their hair and makeup.

In their recent report, the market research company Mintel Group Ltd. reported that Black women spent 1.7 billion dollars on beauty products last year in the U.S. Of course, a lot of these products included wigs, weaves, extensions, and clip-ins, etc. Back in 2017, the Mic reported that 70% of the women who participated in a British study said they would not leave their house without makeup.

Tamar Braxton after shaving off her hair (photo cred: Tamar Braxton)

I've said this before, but wigs, weaves, and makeup can easily become a women's identity in their mind. They might feel like it looks nice on them, so why go without it? Then, it starts to become a crutch, like Tamar described. It is specifically hard if a person has a physical deformity or battling cancer. They might even be suffering hair loss from conditions like alopecia. So, a wig and makeup becomes very important to them.

Today, the Tamar Braxton posted a beautiful photo of her new haircut! I think it will also give a lot of women the courage to do the same thing!

What do you think about Tamar shaving her head bald and reason for doing it?