My Review of the PuffCuff

Hey, my blessed naturals!
I've been wanting to try the PuffCuff forever, so I bought it on Amazon earlier this month. Check out my review below!

Product: PuffCuff (5-inch Original size) hair clamp. Other sizes include 1.625 inches wide,  2.5 inches wide, and 3.125 inches wide

Place: Amazon

Price: $16.49 plus $3.99 for shipping

Claims (from packaging): "No Headache
                                               No Hair Damage"
                                              "THE Only HAIR CLAMP 
                                              FOR THICK, CURLY, TEXTURED HAIRtm"

My Review  

I really wish the PuffCuff was less expensive. I expected to pay anywhere from $10.00 to $15.00, so itt was around that amount at $16.49. After seeing that the product was a lot like a rounded banana clip, I really would have liked to pay closer to $10.00 plus shipping. I also expected the plastic to be thicker. 

PuffCuff directions on the back of package
I love the fact that the PuffCuff included instructions with pictures on the back. The first step was to moisturize and stretch your hair. Since I did that the night before, I just applied coconut oil on my hair after removing the bands.

natural hair banded (stretched)
1BlessedNatural: My hair banded to stretch it

2. I used a ponytail holder and headband (2 separate times) to gather my hair in order to put it in the PuffCuff. 

1BlessedNatural: My hair with the PuffCuff in it. 

1BlessedNatural: I decided to keep the headband on because my hair was frizzy. 

Bottom Line

I thought the PuffCuff was ok in my hair. It does live up to its claims. I didn't have to worry about a headache or damage. I forgot it was in my hair. I could've tried the next smaller size (3.125 inches wide) to get a tighter fit. I tried removing the product and moisturizing my hair with a moisturizer and water but my hair was frizzy and the PuffCuff felt loose in my hair. So, I kept the headband on. 

One of the things I really like about the PuffCuff is that you can sleep in it. Sometimes, I just don't feel like doing anything to my hair at the end of the day. If it's in a puff with the PuffCuff, I can just put a scarf around the base of my head and go to sleep without worrying about my hair being pulled from a band. That's a plus!

Grade: B-

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