Drawstring Ponytail Advertised as a "Clip-On Hair Bun" ?

1BlessedNatural:Drawstring Ponytail Advertised a a "Clip-On Hair Bun"?
I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline and ran across a video for what looked like a man bun. It was a demonstration of a guy attaching a drawstring ponytail to his hair with the normal comb attachment and string. So, I'm watching this video and thinking to myself, "Isn't that a drawstring ponytail?"

So, you know what we all do when we watch videos... I checked the comments and saw someone who said the exact same thing I was thinking! Here's the comment from the Facebook user:

"First of all, it's called a draw-string ponytail and is NOT a new fad! It's been in style over 10 years..."

Thanks girl, for schooling folks. 

It never fails... There will always be products that are traditionally used and/or created by Black people that will then be stolen and repackaged as something else like the original products never existed.

Ha,Ha. We can never be surprised!

I went to the site that actually sold the product and the name of the product on their site was "Fake Man Bun." The site sells gag gifts, but still...

What do you think of the drawstring man bun situation? lol

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