3 Reasons Why We Live For Storm Reid's Dance Videos!

If you haven't seen one of A Wrinkle in Time actress Storm Reid's dance videos on social media, then you're missing out! Here's 3 reason's why we are living for her dance videos:

1. She was jamming to Beyonce's cover of "Before I Let Go" in her bonnet. 

2. She makes dancing to the sound of firecrackers look cool...

3.  Her and her mom killed their lip sync performance of "Bad Girl" by Usher...

Storm Reid & Zendaya (photo cred: Storm Reid/ Instagram)

Storm Reid along with Zendaya will be starring in a new HBO teen drama series called Euphoria. The series will air on Sunday, June 16th. We know it's not just us, but Storm Reid and Zendaya look like they could be twins or sisters. The 15-year-old even joked about it on her Instagram account saying that people said they should take a test to see if they were related. 

What's your favorite Storm Reid dance video?