Dr. Jackie Walters Does Flashback Post About Relaxer and Users Debate!

1BlessedNatural: Dr. Jackie Walters (photo cred: Dr. Jackie Walters/Instagram)

Dr. Jackie Walters of the Bravo TV show Married to Medicine recently did a throwback post on Instagram talking about her past battle with unhealthy relaxed hair. She said, "Thank God that black girls STOPPED getting perms eating into our scalps and creating #sharkybitoff looks![sic] The photo featured a younger Walters with her mostly ear-length relaxed hair parted on the side. In the back, the hair was longer and noticeably thinner than the rest of her hair.

Walters addressed that familiar feeling of not wanting to cut off your hair even when it was damaged. She said, Raise your hands if you remember your ur [sic] perm days with broken pieces but don't cut if off?" The doctor described the pic as a 'perm gone wrong'. Walters has been open on social media about her love for natural hair as well as her own hair journey. In March, she revealed her natural hair before and after a trim and it was past her shoulders.

Her post started a debate when one user said, "Relaxers. And relaxers aren't the devil, as long as there's education to go along with it." Another user asked, "How are perms not bad if they have harmful chemicals that causes life threatening illness in them. Another user referred to the link between fibroid tumors and relaxers when she responded to the first user's post by saying, "She don't know #fibroids."

Can you relate to Dr. Jackie's post?