My Review of the Netflix Movie "See You Yesterday"

My Review of the "See You Yesterday" Netflix Movie (photo cred:

Rating: TV-MA

[SPOILER ALERT!] The movie See You Yesterday by producer Spike Lee and director Stefon Bristol on Netflix is a must-see! It's about two Black teens named Claudette "C.J." Walker and Sebastian Thomas who go back in time to prevent the death of Claudette's brother who was killed by police. There are several reasons why I love the movie and I wanted talk about them in a sort of review. 

The first reason is that it focuses on STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math). Claudette (Eden Duncan-Smith) and Sebastian (Dante Crichlow) are teen scientists determined to use their talents to pay their way through college. It reminded me a lot of the character Shuri in the movie Black Panther was technologically savvy. Positive images like Shuri, Sebastian, and Claudette need to be seen by Black people, especially Black teens. Both Claudette and Sebastian attend the Bronx School High School of Science.

The two characters are  also relate-able. The fact that Claudette is book and street smart and struggling with her bad temper makes her very relatable. Both characters are also entrepreneurs  who fix and sell gadgets in the neighborhood.

I was happy to see that Claudette and Sebastian's teacher was played by Michael J. Fox from the Back to the Future movies. Nice homage! Also, he was reading the book Kindred by Octavia Butler. Not only was the book Kindred also about time travel but Octavia Butler was the first African-American writer to gain recognition for a sci-fi book! If you get a chance to read it, please do!

 I love the fact that the two main characters are Black. The movie also promotes the idea of Black women and men uplifting each other. At one point, Claudette says, "I love you Black man" and Sebastian follows up with an, "I love you too, Black woman." Such a cool moment in the movie! 

I love the fact that the movie was set in the Bronx and Brooklyn. The clothing of the characters and vibrant colors made all the difference in the movie. You can might notice a lot of different Afro-centric clothing, culture, and themes. For instance, Sebastian wore a Black Panthers t-shirt in the opening scene. I love the inclusion of Jamaican and Puerto Rican culture as well. Eduardo (Jonathan Nieves) was hilarious. The Jamaican man selling the flags on the street was also hilarious but instrumental in helping to protect Claudette and Sebastian.

See You Yesterday addresses the issue of police brutality in a way that has not been done before. It takes us on an adventure and gives us a reality check at the same time. At first glance, you see these intelligent kids who want to go to college, but then you have the issue of police brutality that can change everything. The kids feel like they can make a difference.

  The Ending

As for the ending, I will not spoil it, yet lol. I want to see what you all thought!

Well done, Spike and Stefon!

What did you think about the movie?