Video Goes Viral After Girl Continues to Wear Natural Hair to School After Being Bullied

1BlessedNatural: Promise Mi'Amor determined to wear her natural hair to school (photo cred: Facebook/Qui Daugherty)
Recently, a video of 10-year-old Promise Mi'Amor went viral when she said she was determined to wear her natural hair back to a school in Nashville,Tennessee despite being bullied. The video which received more than 600,000 views on Facebook alone featured the little girl stating that she was bullied for wearing her hair in an Afro the day before.

She said, "Yesterday I went to school and I wore my Afro like this. And a lot of people had a lot of mean things to say about it. So, that made me feel some type of way." After telling her mother Qui Daugherty, who is also a coach about the bullying she told the little girl to not forget who she was.

Little Promise announced that she was going to go back to school with her hair "bigger and better than ever!" She also had a piece of advice for people who were watching the video. She said, "Don't allow anyone to steal your joy. Don't give them that much power." Afterward, she placed her hand over her heart and said her name.

Daugherty said her daughter decided to make the video on her own! Promise's video is going to inspire other young girls to be proud of wearing their natural hairstyles in public. One Instagram user said this:

Yes. I’m going to show this to my oldest. She went to school with her hair the same yesterday. She wanted to change her hair this morning and I wouldn’t let her. I told her the same thing that your mother told you. Your hair is gorgeous and always remember that.
In a follow-up video, Daugherty said that she was proud of Promise. She said, "She's an awesome girl. I just really want her to continue to advocate for herself and be comfortable with herself and be confident with herself. And just know that it's okay to be yourself."

Go Promise and Mom! We are so proud of you both!

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