David Banner Talks About the Importance of Reaching Out to Loved Ones After Losing Former Coach

David Banner (photo cred: Instagram/David Banner)
Rapper, actor, activist, and producer David Banner stressed the importance of reaching out to loved ones especially when you get the feeling in your spirit. Banner recently lost his beloved high school basketball coach, Grady Dotson. Dotson was the coach of the Provine Rams at Provine High School in Jackson, Mississippi.

When Banner was in the 12th grade, Dotson told him he had a vision of his face on a wall next to Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King. On Thursday, the 46-year-old tried to get in contact with Dotson to tell him that his vision had come true. David Banner along with Medgar Evers and others were chosen for the "Jackson Icons" mural  in Jackson, MS but it was too late. Dotson passed away that morning.

Before finding out about his passing, the Mississippi native said he was getting ready to do an Instagram post about the importance of having a vision for yourself and having people that can speak positive things over you. He wanted to reach out to Dotson about the mural beforehand but was having second thoughts and figured he could invite Dotson to the mural ceremony.

Banner said that is why you should reach out to your loved ones, especially when you get the feeling in your spirit to do it. Don't keep delaying it because we take for granted that the person will always be here, and that might not be the case. Agreed!

David Banner produces "The David Banner Podcast" and it can be found on YouTube. New episodes are posted every Monday.

We send our love and condolences to David Banner and the loved ones of Coach Dotson.

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