Jill Scott Tells Story of How Her Mother Saved a Man's Life

Jill Scott shared a heroic story on Instagram of how her mother saved a man's life. The title of the singer's story was "Pretty nightgowns in da hood."

Scott was going through her closet and saw clothes that reminded her of her mother and aunts. She said, "So, I'm in my closet and I'm finding some things that remind me of my mom and my aunts, and I'm thinking like, "What a great way to grow up if you were a girl...to see these women. These brave and funny and passionate women all around you. How cool that had to be, to be there."

The Philly native explained that she witnessed a lot and probably more than she should've but was grateful for it. She said that her mother and grandmother loved nightgowns and would buy them with matching robes from the thrift store. One day, after hearing several loud knocks at the door, Scott, her mother, and grandmother put on their robes and rushed downstairs.

When her mother, opened the door, it was their neighbor Mr. Joe who Scott described as "the last white man in the hood." It appeared Mr. Joe, who liked to drink had gotten into an argument with someone, and they slit his throat.

Jill Scott at about 12 years old (photo cred: Jill Scott/Instagram)

Scott said her mom calmly but in a voice that she'd never heard before told her go get towels. She ran and got the towels and her mother put them behind Mr. Joe's neck. After her grandmother got the rubbing alcohol, Scott said she witnessed her mom do something amazing. She said, "And my mom starts talking to the wound. She's talking to it. And she starts using her fingers like this, and she's closing it with her fingers. She closes her eyes and she's just focused on this thing." Jill Scott said she watched her mother in amazement.

After the ambulance came, they told Jill Scott's mother that she saved the man's life. After they left, Scott says her mother closed the door, looked at her grandmother, looked at her, and passed out. Jill said she must've been in shock but she saved someone's life.

Jill Scott's story shows the importance of oral traditions, especially on social media. This past Sunday, Babyface shared some extraordinary stories about the artists behind the "Waiting to Exhale" soundtrack and, fans enjoyed it. Stories like that of Babyface and Jill Scott need to be protected and shared!

Last month, Jill Scott participated in a historic Verzuz battle with Erykah Badu.

BIG Thanks to Jill Scott's mother for saving Mr. Joe's life. Also, BIG thanks to Jilly from Philly for sharing her story!  We love it!

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What do you think of Jill Scott's story about her mother saving a man's life?

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