Joyner Lucas' "Will" Remix with Will Smith Highlight's the Importance of Positive Black Role Models in Black Men's Lives

Rapper Joyner Lucas just released the "Will" remix from his album ADHD featuring none other than Will Smith himself. In the song, Joyner talks about how much he looks up to Smith, and then Smith pays homage to his role models in the entertainment industry. The "Will" remix highlights the importance of positive Black role models in the lives of Black men.

Smith says: 
On top of my dreams, Joyner, I know you inspired by me
Like I was inspired by Nelson Mandela, I give him a rose for every endeavor
Shout out to Julius Irving, one of the legends I worship
Muhammad Ali put the work in, he was the champ, the greatest. He earned it.
Will Smith also mentioned Martin Lawrence  and the late great James Avery (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air).

In addition to Smith shouting out the legends that have made a positive impact on his life, he made it clear that he wasn't perfect. He stayed true to himself and still sold 60 million records. He said, "Did it all with no cuss words/ I ain't have to curse just to keep it real."

At the end of the song, Smith took the time to encourage Joyner. He said, "Joyner Lucas wasn't made to lose/ You a legend in the makin' too/...All my kids turned out great and I know your son gon' be great too."

In a 2007 study done by Christian Edward Gale of Smith College, it was concluded that the presence of positive Black male role models can have a large impact on a Black man's life. Edward said, "The study concludes that the inclusion of adult African American male role models would be beneficial in breaking the cyclical pattern that African American males are caught up in, and which often result in their involvement in crime, drug abuse, and incarceration."

Joyner Lucas' "Will" remix contains a sick flow and highlights the necessity of positive role models in the lives of young and old Black men.

Well done, Joyner Lucas and Will Smith!  💖
What do you think about the "Will" remix by Joyner Lucas featuring Will Smith?

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