Parents Test Their Kids with the Fruit Snack Challenge

Angela Simmons and her son, Sutton Jr. "SJ" (photo cred: Instagram/Angela Simmons)
What would your child do if you poured them a bowl of fruit snacks or another favorite snack but told them to wait until you come back to eat it? Some parents on social media are having a field day watching their child's reaction to the Fruit Snack Challenge! It is one of the latest viral challenges.

The catch of the challenge is that the parents are filming the child the whole time. Growing Up Hip Hop cast member, Angela Simmons' put her son Sutton Jr. to the test and he had the funniest reaction! He looked directly into the camera and told the audience that his mom would be upset.

He also told everyone that they were in NJ and was also going to talk more before Simmons walked into the room! When Simmons posted the video, she said, "Now you know I had to test my son 😂 I am crying on the floor !!! He is something else. What on earth #fruitsnackchallenge." 

While little SJ used the time to get well acquainted with his audience, Toya Johnson's (Wright)'s daughter Reign was not happy about having to wait for her fruit snacks. When her father, Robert Rushing told her not to touch the fruit snacks until he came back, she folded her arms and turned her back to them! Too funny. Like SJ, Reign didn't touch the fruit snacks. 

According to Know Your Meme, the Fruit Snack Challenge originated from a TikTok mom named @marcraycray back in April. In the video, she gave her daughter fruit snacks while sitting on the bed and she passed the test. Since then, parents all over the world have been posting videos of their kids doing the challenge. 

Would your child would pass the #fruitsnackchallenge?