Why Russell Wilson's Birthday Message to Baby Future is #Stepfathergoals

Today, Twitter was up in arms again over Russell Wilson's sweet birthday message to his stepson, baby Future (Future Jr.). In an Instagram post, Wilson had this to say:
You are my daily inspiration. My best friend...Full of Love, Joy, and Grace. I thank Jesus everyday for who you are & being able to lead & guide you. Your future is forever endless and I pray you swim into every opportunity and obstacle in life with this much Love and Enthusiasm. Happy 6th Birthday Future! Daddy loves you! πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’ͺ🏾❤️ @Ciara
The problem, according to some Twitter users is that Wilson is baby Future's stepfather and not his biological father. They found his message to be "disrespectful" to the child's biological father who is Future the rapper. It seems to happen every year when Wilson posts a birthday message for his stepson.

The truth is the message above would set any mother's heart at ease knowing that her husband loves her son so much and considers him his "best friend."

Russell Wilson is #father and #stepfathergoals! His message shows that he considers him to be his child and there is nothing wrong with that! We are sure that Ciara, who is baby Future's mother and Russell Wilson's wife, is loving their relationship!

Future also tweeted a birthday message to his son. He said, "Happy Birthday FUTURE. Love u FOREVER twin."

Happy Birthday, baby Future! πŸ’–

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What do you think about Russell Wilson's birthday message to Baby Future?

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