Roller Set Without Any Heat

Happy Wednesday everyone,
The last time that I went natural, I relied heavily on heat for my styles. This time I've decided to not to use much heat. Last night, I washed, deep conditioned my hair, applied Green Tea & Shea Butter Moisturizer by Softsheen Carson, and Coconut Oil. I applied Motions Wrap Lotion to each small section and rolled my hair in rollers. ( I think I will try the flexi rods next time) over night. My total drying time was about 7 hours. In the morning, I unrolled my hair and separated my curls. I was very happy with my results...

When I first started rolling my hair, I didn't use the spray bottle or wrap lotion a lot. I think that section came out more wavy. So, next time, I will use both a little bit more.

But, my hair frizzed up thanks to the humidity. Nooooooo!!! By the end of the day, my hair ended up looking more like cotton balls than curls, lol. I put two decorative pins in the front. Tomorrow, I may just use the side combs or do a puff.