Beginning My Natural Hair Journey

Copyright 2011 1BlessedNatural- 3 month transition
At the end of 3 month natural hair transition

After split ends, scabby scalps, and doobies, I have decided to return back to my roots. My grandmother used to press or "hot-comb" my hair as they say. When I was 10-years-old, a young friend of the family relaxed my hair. The first relaxer was okay. But, the 2nd one caused my hair to break off. Growing up in the African-American community, hair length was big deal. I remember the harsh words of my peers--"bald-headed", they would say. Afterwards, my grandmother pressed my hair. She found a press and curl salon who took care of my hair for the next 10 years. Thank God, because I sure needed it lol. In high school, my beautician would press my hair, and wrap it.

Fastforward...At the end of my high school years, I decided to start relaxing my hair again. When I went to college, I started washing, flat ironing, and wrapping my own hair. I would go to the Dominican doobie shops and leave with my hair swinging lol. After awhile, I found myself wanting to be independent of hair salons, and decided to start perming my own hair. It worked for a short time, but I ended up with damaged hair.
So, I decided to go back to my roots :-) I hope that you enjoy my blog!


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