Natural Hair and Scissor Happy

Today I am having an "ok" hair day lol. I washed and deep conditioned it yesterday. I also applied my Shea Butter mixed with Olive Oil. Some areas of my hair are sticking straight up lol. I fight against the urge to keep cutting them off. Ever since I did my big chop, I get the urge to cut my hair lol a.k.a scissor happy.


  1. I am also having an issue with wanting to reach for the shears. My transition is taking a little longer because the front of my hair was *always* hit the hardest with the flat iron. Now it seems permanently curl-less. I hope that changes soon, cause I don't want to have to keep trimming! Good luck!

  2. Yes, the heat damage is the worst! Thank you and good blessings to you also!


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