Natural Hair and Skin

Loofah Pad's by Market Spa
Hey everyone,
I hope that you enjoyed your holiday weekend! I wanted to talk a little about skin care.
This week I noticed that my face was breaking out. I remember reading online (it may have been someone's blog) that you have to wash your satin/cotton pillow cases often, because the oils and products from your hair can clog your facial pores. I have experienced that first hand lol.

While cruising the aisles of Pathmark, I found facial loofahs. I was very excited lol. I had been using the small round loofah's, but the ones below seemed to be of better quality. I like using them, because they exfoliate your skin without being too harsh. In the past, I've used the buff puffs, but they were rough.

The loofah's that I found in Pathmark are like the ones for your body (with the band on the back) but smaller. They were $1.59 each. You can find the loofah rounds at certain dollar stores also.
I like to use the Morning Burst Shine Control Facial Cleanser by Clean & Clear. It will cost you a little under $8.00. But the good thing is that it is highly concentrated. So, you can lather your whole face by using just a squirt or two. This product is good if you have oily skin because it is  says it's "oil-free."
Morning Burst Shine Control

What products do you use to clean your face?