To Trim or Not to Trim My TWA

It's been 4 months as of July 3,2011 since my BC, and I have decided to trim my TWA. The pic above is actually of pic of when I cut a piece of my permed hair off lol. Anyway, I have been reading articles that have debated on whether to trim the ends of your TWA. Because your hair does not meet as much friction as long hair, some have said they would rather wait until their year mark. I'd rather trim them now, then have to cut later lol. My ends do not feel as smooth as they were when I create finger coils, so a trim is best.

I've found the videos by Sheacutey  and  MsVCharles to be the most helpful. They both discuss dusting and trimming. I will post pictures of my hair after my trim. So, check back later! :-)

I would also like to read your stories and comments on this! Please feel free to post!


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