After Braids: My Edges

I should have posted this picture sooner. But, I wanted to show you guys how the micro braids pulled out my edges. They are thin and bald in some areas. Lesson learned... If I ever get extensions again, I will not get micro braids. I only kept the braids in for 3 weeks. You can imagine if I had left them in longer.


  1. I never do micro braids for that reason. Even when I do a version of them I always redo the edges and keep the area closest to the root clean from any buildup. Alot of times its the buildup and the tangles/knots that are created at the base of the braids that creates the balding.

  2. @Vetsnatural,Thank you for the info. I had a lot of build up.

  3. When I wore braids I would remind the stylist to relax her hold and not to braid too tight, also I would tell her that my shorter hairs (usually in the back of my head) didn't need to be put into a braid. Remember that if you scrunch your face or lift your eyebrows and it feels to tight then your braids are too tight.

  4. Thank you for sharing.

    I agree with JenJen!! The good thing is that you learned your lesson and you know what to and what not to do the next go round!!

    (New follower... love your blog)


  5. @Char, yes I agree! Thank you, you've just gained one also :-) I love the creative styles on your blog.


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