Removed Micro Braids

I've only made it to 3 weeks ladies lol. I took my micro braids out. I do not think that I will do extensions again... My best friend helped me remove them. I cut the extensions short. My friend showed me a technique to remove the knots by using a fingernail clipper.

I saturated the braids with one of the VO5's Milk Moisture conditioners and unraveled them.
my hair with the VO5 conditioner

After removing my braids, I deep conditioned my hair and made a protein treatment. I mixed 2 eggs mixed with Olive Oil and applied it to my hair, on top of my conditioner. I let it stay on for about 10-15 minutes and shampooed it out. At first, I tried to rinse it with cold water. But you could still see some of the egg whites in my hair (ilk) lol. So, I shampooed it. I applied a leave in, Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter before two strand twisting my hair for a twist out. I will post pics soon of the results.