My Fall Natural Hair Regimen


It seems like we just put away our sweaters and heavy coats. But, the cooler weather is back. 
This also means a change in many of our hair regimens. I have been mainly doing twist outs...

After washing and deep conditioning my hair I use the Organics Olive Oil  Leave In Conditioner by Africa's Best, and then my Shea Butter and Olive Oil mix to seal in the moisture.
In the morning, I apply a small amount of Coconut Oil to my hands as I unravel the twists.
I have days were I don't manipulate my hair much.

I may cornrow the front of my hair, and apply a moisturizer to it in the morning and at night.  What is your fall/winter natural hair regimen?


  1. I don't know because I'm still figuring it out. I'm afraid for the winter because I have been doing wash and go's everyday. Any suggestions to the new to natural world sporting a TWA? BTW I love how thick your hair is. You rock some awesome curls.

  2. Thank you JenJen :-) I love your hair... Welcome to the natural world! Based on my experiences, I have learned that deep conditioning is one of the most important ways to combat dryness. I also would suggest that you find a good leave-in conditioner (Creme of Nature and Organics Olive Oil are the two I use). I apply a leave-in, daily. Also, use a sealant like Shea Butter or an oil like Olive Oil or Coconut Oil to seal in the moisture. This should help you in the winter. I would also suggest sleeping with a satin bonnet or pillow case to protect your hair. My favorite protective style when I first did my big chop was finger coils. they would last approx. a week and a half. I hope this helps!

  3. This winter as I did last winter I plan on alot of twist styles. Last winter I don't think I totally took care of my hair although I did protective styling but this winter I plan on doing a fantastic job. Winter before last I did mostly wash and go's all winter and my hair did fine. I was on a no cut challenge which I did really need to trim but my hair flourished just fine. The main thing is to moisturize and seal in the winter. You can diffuse to keep down the wetness in colder weather. You may want to baggy at night if dryness is your problem. My hair is fine and normal density so it does not take a whole lot to dry depending on the products used. Deep conditioning and moisture/protein balance is key. Hope this helps!

  4. @Vetsnatural- I tried the no-cut challenge shortly after my big chop. But I ended up having to trim my hair around the 4th month, and I'm glad I did. My ends were a mess... lol Also, thank you for mentioning baggying and the protein! I love to use the Hair Mayonnaise by Organic Root Stimulator.


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