Natural Hair Anxiousness Subsiding

My cap matches my shirt! I didn't do that on purpose lol
Hey everyone,

I hope you had a good day! If you didn't, please remember that God is still with you and it will get better :-)
On to hair business... I have noticed that I am a little less anxious about playing in my hair. When I started transitioning , I was very anxious for my hair to grow.  I wanted to try new styles and washes.I also felt this way when I did my big chop. Now, I am a little over 7 months natural and I am finally calming down a bit lol. Please do not forget that I said, "bit" lol When I first did my big chop, I washed my hair religiously every week. Now, I wash my hair every week and a half to two weeks. I struggled with co-washing my hair today... My busy schedule adds to this also.

Lesson learned this week: I've learned that you do not always have to try so hard for your hair to look good. I had been doing twist outs last week and a few times this week. One night, I was too tired. So, I moisturized my hair with Coconut Oil and went to sleep. When I woke up, I fluffed my hair out with my fingers and applied Coconut Oil and a headband. My hair had a natural curly look to it that I liked better than when I did the twist-outs.

How about you? Do you find yourself wanting to style and play in your hair often?


  1. Last night I tried for the first time to cornrow my hair. I failed big time and it looked like a child did the braids. I think I will keep practicing, but maybe I will try some flat twists they look easier. Like you I am also anxious about my hair. I want more length so that I have more styling options.

  2. I am on the protective style challenge and therefore I am styling alot less hopefully. I was doing my hair weekly initially or every two so that I was deep conditioning more often to strengthen and moisturize for the protective style. I find that although I am not styling as often (everyday), I am still wanting a finished look everyday. No different from when I was relaxed. I did just put marley twists in so this should last at least a month especially with my updo. check my blog out at to see my styles as I challenge myself to try to be effective and creative with my protective styling. In the fall/winter I love protective styles that don't get messed up with hats!

  3. @JenJen, I know what you mean about wanting more length. You're making great progress though :-)I find flat twists to be a little easier too. @Vet, your Marley twists look nice.


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