Natural Hair: Using Dandruff Shampoos

We hear a lot about sulfates being bad for your hair. But, the truth is that we sometimes need to use the sulfate shampoos to remove product build up. I have a problem with dandruff, and went on the hunt for a a dandruff shampoo. Many times I would wash my hair and still have dandruff that would stay on my scalp. This would cause the conditioner to stick to the dandruff, and it would become harder to wash the conditioner out of my hair. I tried CVS brand dandruff shampoo, and it made my hair terribly dry. So,one of my friends suggested that I use Selsun Blue, and I love it! It is a medicated shampoo. It doesn't make my hair too dry. It leaves my scalp clean and dandruff free.

I have learned that sulfates are not automatically my enemy lol. It matters how you handle your hair during the wash and after. I try not to be too rough with my hair during the wash process, especially when using a sulfate shampoo. I also make sure that I deep condition my hair by sitting under a heating cap for 10 minutes or more. I do not detangle my hair until after I have deep conditioned it. I am pleased with my
results. Thank God for Selsun Blue! :-)


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