Mini-Twist, Retwist Update on Day 6

Happy Friday everyone!
I have left my twists alone to do as they please... all except drying out lol. My twists have settled into a style that I like. They have become puffy from the shower steam. The twists in the front have settled into a little side bang. I still use my Vitamin Oil and Roots of Nature products.

The picture below  is an example of what happens when you pull your hair to one side while twisting... lesson learned! lol  It's been 6 days since the retwist and I am getting antsy. So, I may take them out and rock a twist-out for a few days or not lol. We shall see!


  1. Your twists almost look like coils in the back. Keep them in a little while longer, then do a twist out so you can get more time out of this style.

  2. I agree with Jen. Leave them in longer. Fight that ansy feeling. You can do it!

  3. @Jen, yes my hair started to coil up from the moisturizer that I used.
    @JazzWife, thanks ladies! I'm going to leave them in for 1 more week.

  4. I tagged you.


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