My Edges Are Growing Back

My edges now
My edges in September, after removing micro-braids

Happy Snowy Saturday, (depending on where you are) lol
I can admit that I have been a headband junky, and my hairline has paid the consequence for it. 
However, nothing can beat the damage caused by the micro braids that I had in September. 
I'm happy to report that my edges are finally growing back in. The mini-twists are helping because
they are not braided tight, and I haven't been wearing headbands with them.


  1. Well, major congratulations on the return of your departed edges. You can really see the difference in these pictures and I bet you are glad about it. Your hair looks fabulous in these pictures. Your hair in top photo looks really full. Kudos to you on the accomplishment. Continue to baby your hair and you'll be really happy with your results.

  2. I'm so happy for you! I know what it's like to lose hair.

  3. Looking good Lady! Keep up the great work!


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