1BlessedNatural News Spotlight: Girl Sent Home for Wearing Brown Tights

This post is not related to natural hair in any way, but I had to write about it.
According to the Daily News, middle school honor student Deja Turnstill was allegedly sent home for wearing brown tights. Her mother claims that she has worn tights to school before. But, it was never a problem until she wore the brown ones. One of the school aids allegedly commented on the tights being brown and looking like the 11 year old was not wearing any pants. As a result, her mother felt like her daughter was being an object of discrimination.
In my opinion, tights (especially the see-through ones) should not be worn by themselves in public, let alone to school.  Wearing tights is the the new trend for teens and young adults. I remember the early 90's when tights  were worn with a long sweater that covered your thighs or under shorts. .When I was a kid, my grandmother used to dress me in tights stretch pants with long shirts. Stretch pants were also worn by themselves or with a long shirt at that time.But, now the tights are worn by themselves. No bueno. 

Secondly, I do not think that the school was being discriminatory against her. Tights are not meant to be worn as pants. If I had an 11 year-old daughter, I would not want her walking around with her body exposed in that way. I would not want it to be a question as to whether she has on pants. But, I would like to read your thoughts on this story.

Do you think the school was discriminating against the 11 year-old or do you think the tights were just plain inappropriate?


  1. Pants are pants. Tights are not pants. They seem to be making an issue re: the color as if to make a racial point or to incite some kind of racial issue. If it looks like she is not wearing any pants, it is because she is not wearing any pants. The color should have nothing to do with it. Maybe it is the old lady in me but tights are not pants.

    1. I agree! It seems like some things (especially in fashion) become more acceptable and labeled under the "that was then, this is now" category", but some things like "tights are not pants" should stay the same lol.

  2. I work in a high school where many of the young people walk around (or try to) nearly naked. They get up in arms when we demand decency and some self respect. Tights are met to be worn with a skirt or long sweaters/tunics. They are not proper coverings alone. I don't care about the color, tights are tights and young people need to cover their bodies.

  3. Yes Jenn! Then many people wonder why schools are starting to require uniforms.

  4. Some people need to realize that it dosen't look good to wear these tights alone just like that in public places.If your going to do that make sure that your top is long enough to cover what the tight is gonna accentuate.


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