After Heat Damage: Two-Strand Twist, Pin Curl Style

I was trying to do a two-strand twist, pin curl style before, but I didn't like the way it looked. I decided to give it another try.

  Tools You Need

1. hair pins
2. wide-tooth comb (optional)
3. moisturizer and oil
4. hair clips (to section)

 Hair Preparation

I moisturized my hair with Cantu's Coconut Curl Cream; I sealed my hair with Castor Oil.


1. Part hair in small sections.

2. Two-strand twist the section

3. Take the end of the twist and wrap it around your finger Then lay it flat to your scalp.

4. Use two hair pins to keep the pin curl in place

Next time, I might try to do these with Aloe Vera gel or Eco Styler to give it a neater look.


  1. Hair not long enough to give that a try... but those look pretty good.


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