1BlessedNatural Spotlight: C's Flat Iron and Protective Styling Experience on Natural Hair

My sister C and I have both been natural for almost two years. I transitioned for 4 months and then did the Big Chop. But, she transitioned slowly with the help of wigs. C clipped her hair gradually until she was completely natural. Although her hair was long, she was not happy with it being thin. So, she wore wigs. Two weeks ago, she sent me pics of her hair (without the wig) and I was too excited lol.

Since I experienced heat damage after flat ironing, she told me the way in which she prepared her hair for flat ironing.

The first thing she did was apply the Repair Conditioner by Doo Gro to her hair and put a plastic cap on. She kept the product in her hair for 2 hours. Then she applied the Cholesterol Plus Conditioner by LeKair and slept with it in her hair overnight. This was definitely something I should have done before flat ironing.

In the morning, C washed the products out of her hair and blow dried it. Then she oiled her scalp with the Do Grow Hair Revitalizer and sprayed the Motions Heat Protector on her hair. Finally, she flat ironed.

C said that she feels like her doing protective styling with the wigs was the reason that she has so much hair growth. She plans to keep her hair in wigs for 1 more year. Then she will wear her natural hair out.
 Go ahead C!

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