And On that Hair Journey...

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!
I hope that you all had a great week. Just remember that Jesus is the answer to whatever you are going through :-)

 "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." -John 14:6

Today I wanted to talk about the way in which your hair journey is just like life. It's not linear; you take many twists, turns, and loops along the way. You learn different techniques. Some of them may work for you and some of them may not. After almost two years of growing my hair out I had to cut 2 1/2-3 inches because of heat damage. Please do not get discouraged if you experience breakage and have to cut some of your hair. It's all apart of the journey. Earlier in my hair journey, I was using a hair product that had two much alcohol in it, and dried my hair out. My ends were dry and breaking. Although other naturals found the product to be useful, I did not work for my hair. Remember, just because a product may work for someone else, it does not automatically mean that it will work for you. We all have different hair textures. I can look at pictures of someone's hair texture and think that it is just like mine, but that may not be true.

During your natural hair journey, expect that you will make mistakes. That is part of the learning process.  Be sure to learn a lot. Most of all... have fun on your journey :-)!

What twists and turns have you encountered in your  natural hair journey?


  1. Setbacks are a part of life and a part of any natural hair journey. Learning is a natural outgrowth, too. Let's hope that we not focus on the setback (like I did . . . boo hoo boo hoo!) but that we grow, learning from the issues, as our hair grows again. I bet you have things you really like about your new length.

  2. Yes, yes :-) I would probably have done the same thing like you did lol... Then I would have started to move along like you did :-) I love the fact that my new curls easily. The curls last longer than when my hair was longer. I know you cut your hair awhile ago. What are the things that you like about your new length?


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