Style Tutorial: Faux Ponytails Updo with Decorative Clips

Happy Friday everyone,
If you live on the east coast, then you may be experiencing a blizzard lol. If you do not need to be on the roads, then stay home! It's better to be safe then sorry. I hope everyone had a great week. If you've had some obstacles, God will make them work out for your good :-) 

Romans 8:28

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

In hair related news... last night I took out the 4 flat twists that I've been wearing. I started playing in my hair. I've done the style above with mini-twists, so I decided to recreate it without them.

Tools Needed

1. Rat tail comb (optional for parting)
2. bobby pins or hair pins ( I like to use the brown bobby pins because they have smooth coating)
3. decorative clips

 The Style

This Faux Ponytails Updo style should be done on twist out hair. I think it looks better. 

1. Use the rat tail comb to make a diagonal part in the front of you hair (from forehead to crown) 
2.  Make a part going from the crown, down to the middle of the nape of your neck. 

3. In the front, you want to take a section of hair and twist upward towards the middle of your hair. 
4. Use a bobby pin to hold the section in place.
5. Do the same to the other side. 
6. Twist the back sections up into the faux ponytails and pin them down. You can continue to add pins to the ponytails until they feel secure.  (You can twist the hair (located in the middle of the ponytails) and pin it down to make the style neater.
7. Add decorative clips to the front.

I could have done the style a bit neater than in the pics, but (as I said) I was playing in my hair lol. This style is also good for little girls because it is cute and fast to create.You also have the option of just going ahead and creating the ponytails, but be sure to hide the bands used to secure them.