1BlessedNatural's Question of the Week #2: Favorite India. Arie Songs?

India Arie (photo courtesy of Philip Nelson on Flickr)
 This question of the week is for all of my fellow India. Arie fans. In celebration of her new song "Cocoa Butter", being released on iTunes, I am asking for 1-5 of your favorite India. Arie songs.
You can also include songs in which she was featured. 
Mine include: 
1. "The One"
2. "Interested"
3. "Timeless" from Timeless by Sergio Mendes
4. "Private Party"
5. "Nature"
What are 1-5 of your favorite India. Arie songs?


  1. My favorite India Arie songs are Chocolate High and Cocoa Butter.


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