Father Doing Daughter's Hair Exclusive!

father doing his daughter's hair (Photo courtesy of Antonio "Mr. Passion" Starks)
I was scrolling down my Facebook News Feed, when I saw the photo (posted by Antonio "Mr. Passion" Starks) above. The photo speaks volumes about all of the great fathers in the world. One of those things is that some fathers do style their daughter's hair! I decided to ask Mr. Starks some questions about his experiences with doing his daughter's hair. 

1BN How old is your daughter?
AS:  My daughter just turned 10.

1BN: What made you want to style her hair?
AS: I wanted to learn to style my daughter's hair because, as a single father it is part of my duty to teach and ensure that her appearance is always neat to include her hair.

1BN: How did you learn to style her hair?
AS: When it comes to styling her hair, somethings like braiding I learned through trial and error with my sisters. I was the oldest of five and my mother was a single parent that had to work the night shift. So, it kind of fell on me to help her out by doing my sisters' hair before we went to school. When I became a father, I wanted to make sure I did my part as her father and help her [my daughter's] mother out by doing her hair. As time went by and her hair grew longer, I wanted to learn to do different and more creative styles. I asked a friend of mine that always have her two daughters' hair in these unique and different styles, to teach me how to do more creative styles to my daughter's hair.

a touching moment shared by Mr. Starks (Photo courtesy of Antonio "Mr. Passion" Starks

1BN: Do you shampoo and condition her hair, as well?
AS: Yes, I try to wash and condition her hair every two weeks. I also put a leave-in conditioner to help me comb out all the tight curls before styling it.

1BN: What are your favorite products to use?
AS: It's funny you asked because I won 3rd place in an African Pride contest. So, yes. I use African Pride[products].

1BN: What is your daughter's favorite hairstyle?
AS:  She loves to have it up in 1 ponytail. But this latest style she has really fell in love with because, every time I see her she is in the mirror admiring herself.

1BN: What advice do you have for fathers who want to style their daughter or son's hair?
AS: To any father out there that wants to style their son/daughter's hair, the first thing you must have is patience. It's hard to get a child to sit anywhere for a long period of time. And it's even harder when you're trying to learn. The second second thing you need to have is an open mind, determination, and a willingness to learn through trial and error. Every style doesn't always turn out the way you'd expect or as easy, but stay focused and keep it until you get it. Everyone has a different type of hair, and it reacts differently with certain products. So, make sure you have what you need for the type of hair you're doing. The last thing [you need] is a person to teach you how to style your child's hair. This can be a friend, or you can go to YouTube or BB [Bronner Bros.] website. They have instructional videos that can teach you how to care your hair and do different styles.

Antonio "Mr. Passion" Starks (Photo courtesy of Antonio"Mr. Passion" Starks)

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Mr. Antonio "Mr. Passion" Starks, we salute you! God is good :-)

Mr. Starks says he plans to attend the Bronner Bros hair show in August. Look out for him!
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