"Back to Healthy Eating" Challenge: Update #3

Happy Thursday everyone!
I can't believe it's been 3 days since my last regular post. I have been trying to juggle about 4 different things at one time. One of those things includes creating new products for my online greeting card shop, Ruthie's Greetings. I am also working on a new hair video to upload. God willing, I will get those done. Stay tuned :-)! As for my "Back to Healthy" eating challenge... I'm still on it! But, yesterday and today , I had a couple of not so "healthy" moments! Yikes!

Meal Break Down

Yesterday, my meals consisted of the following:

Breakfast:  Bagel with butter, Coffee Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts
Lunch: Pastrami and Cheese Sandwich on wheat bread with pickles and low fat snack with a soda
Dinner: Baked Chicken and with a Strawberry and Cranberry salad and Green Tea

The problems are with breakfast and lunch, lol. I could have gone without the butter. Coffee Coolattas tastes good, but they have a lot of sugar, Saturated Fat, Calories, etc. You can view the nutrition facts here . This is why I try not to drink them too often. The Pastrami and Cheese sandwich was also full of fat and cholesterol. Red meat has been linked to illnesses like cancer and Alzheimer's. This is why I don't eat a lot of red meat.The pickles were the only vegetable on my sandwich, lol. The snack I chose was a new one by Lays, called "Air Pops". They are thin, puff, rounded potato chips. The Air Pops are low in fat (nutrition facts). Soda has a lot of sugar.

 Healthier Replacement Options
 Breakfast would have been better if I replaced the Coffee Coolatta with tea, coffee, or (watered down orange juice). Lunch would have been healthier if I replaced the Pastrami and Cheese, with Turkey and Cheese with lettuce and tomatoes. I could have replaced the soda with water. Dinner was much better!
Today, I ate at Wendy's. My "Back to Healthy" Eating Challenge will be a constant lifetime challenge. I will have to check myself during times like today and yesterday, lol. You may have to do the same, but that is alright.


  I was cruising the grocery store aisles looking for Crasins by Ocean Spray, and I found these Sun-Maid dry cranberries! I don't like them as much as Crasins, but I like them. Both brands are good on salads! Cranberries are good to help your body fight diseases and illnesses.

Green Tea

Like Cranberries, Green Tea has a lot of health benefits including fighting cancer, wrinkles, and weight gain. Instead of using sugar to sweeten the Green Tea, I use honey.

I'm thankful to the Lord have the option to eat healthier. I would like to give a special shout out to +Jane Doe who is doing her own challenge called "Bridal Boot Camp." :-) You go girl!

How are you doing with your "Back to Healthy Eating" Challenge?