1BlessedNatural Myth Buster #2: I Don't Need To Trim My Ends.

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend. It's time to debunk another natural hair myth!

Myth #1: Because I'm natural, I don't need to trim my ends. 

1BN: Although you are natural, you still need to trim or clip your ends. You may not need to trim your natural hair as frequently as permed hair, but you will still need to do so. Hair (in general) is prone to split, damaged, and/or weathered ends. Because your ends are the oldest part of your hair, they are exposed to the elements the most. Hair manipulation due to styling also adds more strain to your hair, especially your ends. Keeping your hair moisturized and conditioned may lessen the number of times you need to trim your ends. Protective styling may also keep your ends healthy for a longer period of time, but you will still need to trim them eventually.

There is still much debate in the natural hair community about when and how much hair you should trim. I suggest trimming your hair as needed. I know I need to trim my ends when they no longer curl up at the ends of my twists. This could happen at any time during the year. It may happen after a 4 month period, 6 month period, etc. There is no set time.  If your ends are healthy when you check them, you do not need to trim them. Some people choose to trim their healthy ends gradually by using a method called "dusting", to prevent the need to do a bigger trim later on. But again, that is a personal choice. Many naturals may hold onto their unhealthy ends because they feel like they are chopping off their progress, but trimming your ends will enable you to retain more of your length. 

Do you trim the ends of your natural hair?

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