Update on Ibtihaj: Cornrowed Mohawk Cinnabun Style

"Cornrowed Mohawk Cinnabun" style by hairstylist and YouTuber, grapeApz

Natural haired beauty, Ibtihaj recently got her hair done by YouTuber, grapeApz. Ibtihaj was searching for a protective style and decided to get the "Cornrowed Mohawk Cinnabun" style. She says that she liked the fact that it was a cute and simple style.

Before styling, Ibtihaj's hair was stretched. After applying a homemade Shea Butter mixture, Kinky-Curly Knot Today, leave-in conditioner was applied to her hair while it was being cornrowed. Kanekalon synethic hair was used for the cornrows. Ibtihaj said moisturizing her hair during the braiding process reduces the chances that her hair will become damaged as a result of it being too dry. The cinnabuns were created by making ponytails (using Marley Hair) in the middle of her head, twisting, and pinning them down using hair pins.

front of "Cornrowed Mohawk Cinnabun" style

back of "Cornrowed Mohawk Cinnabun" style : Marley hair

Go ahead, Ibtihaj and grapeApz!

Are you going to try the "Cornrowed Mohawk Cinnabun" style, next?

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