1BlessedNatural Locs?

Dread locs (Photo courtesy of Flickr- Rashida S. Mar B. (Urban Love Hippie)

Happy Thursday everyone! 
It's been almost 3 years since I went natural (for the second time), and I've received many questions about my style choices. One of the questions that people often ask me is have I ever considered locking my hair. The answer is that I have considered it, but I know boredom would slowly overtake me, lol. Even though, I like some of the locked styles I've seen, styles tend to not stay in my hair for very long. I love to style and experiment with my hair too much to lock it. I can barely keep two-strand twists in my hair for 2 weeks, lol. I can only imagine keeping my hair locked for an indefinite amount of time. I got a taste of the "loc life" when I finger coiled my hair, and it started to lock shortly after. I wasn't about that life, lol. If I wanted them, I would try faux locs before trying the real ones. I won't say I will never lock my hair...just not right now (smile).

Have you considered locking your hair?

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