Day 4: Mini Twist Hairstyle

Hi everyone,
The picture above is the result of pinning the front of my hair and keeping the back shrunken.I kept a few of the pins in and added a stretchy headband. The weather has been rainy and/or foggy all week, and my hair's been loving the moisture. Also, I moisturize my hair with Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion and seal with Coconut Oil every night. The products are not rubbed onto the full length of my twists. I rub my hands together and then squeeze my twists to avoid frizz. If the products do not absorb into my ends, I will rub them in until you cannot see the lotion. I sleep with my hair in a satin bonnet.

How many days have you been rocking your latest natural hairstyle?

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                          Mini Twist Style Challenge!