Contributor: Styling My 4C Hair

Ms. Gardner's puff hairstyle (photo courtesy of Lakeisha Gardner)

  Lakeisha Gardner

You just woke up. You're running late for work, and your hair is the last thing you want to be bothered with at the moment. Should you stand in the mirror perfecting your 'fro for half an hour, or rush out the door and worry about it on the drive there? Having natural 4c hair can sometimes be a true hassle but with the right tips, you can transform those tresses into a professional look any day in a matter of minutes.
               All textures deserve proper care and maintenance, but those of us with 4C hair know that having healthy hair begins with a regular nightly routine. Implementing a nightly routine for your hair becomes a major help on days when you are running late and just don't have the extra styling time. Protection of your ends is essential and is oftentimes the source of frustration during those early mornings when you have to deal with single strand knots and such.  

              Personally, I prefer to install bantu knots into my hair before going to bed each night. It protects the ends of my hair from knotting and matting, and also gives my hair more volume-which is perfect for the style I'm going to share. After using bobby pins to secure each knot, I cover my head with a satin bonnet. (For more detailed information on my own nightly routine, check out my blog at              

                The next day, I moisturize my hair with Cantu Shea Butter and a mixture of Argan Oil before moving to anything else. Depending on where I'm headed, I usually prefer a hairstyle that is professional yet fits my wardrobe for the day. So, I choose to style my hair into a high puff with a flat twist on the side for just an extra flair.  

                 I start off by parting and separating my hair in the front, on the right side. Depending on your own preference, you may choose the right; it's all up to you. The parted hair should be brushed forward as if forming a pompadour. The remaining hair outside of the part is brushed and pushed to the top of my head as if forming a high ponytail. I prefer to use the flexible Goody bands for this step, but of course you're free to use whatever you please! 

                    Once the puff is formed, I simply flat twist the remaining hair from the front, down the side of my head. I usually twist the hair until I can't anymore and use a bobby pin to seal it back. The finished look typically looks as follows and sometimes I may even add a flower or bow.       

(photo courtesy of LaKeisha Gardner)
Happy styling, naturalistas!

Lakeisha Gardner is a 21-year old naturalista from Georgia. She has been natural for about 5 years. You can check out more about her hair journey on her blog 

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