Using Fabric Bands to Stretch Natural Hair

 Happy Monday, my blessed naturals!
Yesterday, I told you all that I was going to band and twist my hair. Today, I wanted to show you all the latest pictures of my hair banded. Banding is a great way to stretch your natural hair without using heat. I use two different types of bands (ponytail holders). Sometimes, I use the thin bands (without the metal section). I'm not a big fan of using them because the rubber band snaps or loses its elasticity after a few uses. They also get stuck in my hair. I prefer to use the small stretchy fabric bands ( in the picture). They last longer than the thin ones. Plus, I'm able to stretch my hair a little more with out the band pulling my hair  too much at the root. They're also easy to remove. 

If you plan to use the thick bands and are worried about them damaging your hair by pulling, drying, or rubbing your hair out, try soaking them in Olive Oil before using them. During my trip to Mississippi, I found a beauty supply store that sold long tubes filled with colorful stretchy bands. I paid $1.00 each for 2 tubes of 25 bands. So, I bought 2 tubes. If you are looking for a place to keep your bands, try keeping them on an empty toilet or paper towel roll. Added: 4/29/214, for best result, dampen your hair with a moisturizer or water. I usually band my hair after it is freshly washed.

 If you are a person who needs to keep a bit of the curl or wave in your hair, you can band your hair loosely. Do not pull your hair taut when putting on the bands. You also have the option of doing the Pineapple Method where you put your hair in puffs. Your roots will be stretched, but the rest of your hair will maintain its curl.

Do you band your natural hair?

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