6 Useful Blogging Tips for Natural Hair Bloggers

1BlessedNatural: 6 Useful Blogging Tips for Natural Hair Bloggers

Hey, my blessed naturals!
I received requests from other natural hair bloggers about improving and promoting their blogs, so I decided to share some useful tips that I've learned during my past 3 years of blogging. 

1. Be Original- The natural hair community has grown tremendously over the last few years. There is a large amount of information all over the internet about natural hairstyles, products, and techniques. Much of that information is repeated. When creating content, try to think of new topics and ideas that do not fit the mold of a common topic. If you chose to discuss a common topic, create it in a new or unusual way. For example, think about how many blogs or YouTube videos you've seen about twist-outs... A LOT, right? The key to blogging about a common natural hair topic is to put your own spin on it. If I'm going to write an article about a twist-out, I may write about a two-strand twist, pin curl out, which is a bit different. Any topic you chose, try to be original by bringing an element of newness.

2. Take Good Pictures-  If you are a natural hair blogger, then you know the importance of good pictures. Sites like Instagram and Pinterest have been successful in gaining members because of good pictures, and you can can too! Take clear and bright photos from interesting angles. Practice adjusting the settings on your camera and take pictures of your own hair a.k.a selfies. More than 95% of my blog pictures are selfies. Selfies can enable a natural hair blogger to really display their styles and techniques effectively. Plus, you won't have to ask someone to to take your pictures. 

3. Be Honest - Honesty is one of the most important traits that #teamnatural looks for in a natural hair blogger. For example, 1 month ago I shared my first time doing my own single braids. My hair didn't look the best, but I wasn't going to hide it either LOL. As a natural hair blogger, you have the responsibility to be honest with your readers, because they are relying on you for information. Do not be afraid to share your mistakes because they can help someone else.  After all, most of us are learning how to care for our natural hair. Honesty will attract people to your blog.

4. Promote, Promote, Promote- DO NOT BE AFRAID to PROMOTE your natural hair blog content. Social media sites have made it easy to promote our natural hair blogs for FREE! Take advantage of it! When you write a new post or article, post the link on all of your social networking sites. You may even need to share it more than once on some of your sites. Google Plus has communities that enable you to share. There are millions of people waiting to VIEW and INTERACT with YOUR POSTS. Don't be afraid to share them. You can also create an email list. There are sites like Feedburner that allow people to subscribe to your blog via email. Your subscribers will receive an email each time you do a new post.

Nowadays, your readers may be a tag or hashtag away from finding your natural hair blog.
Be sure to use relevant hashtags and tags when promoting your blog on your blogging platform and social networks. Tags are the relevant keywords or labels to help people find your post. Relevant hashtags like "#teamnatural" on your social media post can help people find your blog post. After you've created your content, spend some time creating your hashtags and tags to help potential subscribers find your natural hair blog in the internet search engines. For more information, Google "SEO hashtags and tags."

5. Respond to Your Readers-  If your readers comment on your blog, try to respond back to them even if it's just a "thank you" or a "like."  It shows that you appreciate them. Interaction is key. Use surveys and questionnaires to discover what topics are most beneficial and requested by them, and then write about those topics.

6.  Be Consistent!- Blogging (in general) can be a lot of work. You have to create content, take pictures, edit pictures, post them, and promote your blog. Please understand that success does not happen overnight. You have to be consistent. You can't just write a few posts and be done. It may take months or even years to develop a large amount of subscribers. Stay focused on the purpose and goals of your blog and pray on them. Most importantly, be sure to have fun!

*BONUS* -  Attend natural hair events. Natural hair events are great opportunities to network with other naturals, natural hair bloggers, and companies. They will also give you the opportunity to promote your blog. Find an event near you, then grab your business cards and go!

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