Dealing with Thoughts of Perming Your Natural Hair

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Hey, my blessed naturals!
I hope you all are having a great weekend. As naturals, we are blessed with the opportunity to be able to style our hair in various ways, but what do you do if you suddenly have thoughts to perm your hair? Gasp! Yes, many of us may think about perming our natural hair. I've seen a few naturals go back to perming their hair. I've also had those thoughts before. However, they were just thoughts. Here's why I will not be running back to the perm boxes:

1. The challenge: I love the challenge of coming up with new hairstyles and techniques to handle my natural hair. I see boredom with my natural hair as just a challenge to come up with another style. Keep it fun!

2. The sores: I don't have time for scalp burns.

3. Healthy hair: I love the idea of my hair not being damaged when I style it. I view my hair as a canvas of creativity. When you perm your hair, you weaken your strands. I could barely handle protein overload, so I'm not trying to deal with permed strands.

4. Beautiful hair:  No chemicals can beat the beauty of natural hair for me. It's God-given (smile)!

5. Perms are (permanent): It took me some time to grow out my hair, and I'm not trying to start all over unnecessarily lol.

Remember: The important thing to remember about maintaining our natural hair is that it is a learning process. If you've been perming your hair for years and decided to go natural, it's going to take some time to learn how to properly care for your natural hair.

 If you feel like your routine is taking a lot of time, try to find ways to decrease the amount of time to care for your hair. For example, my wash day used to take several hours. However, I realized I could work with my hair in 4 sections. I could detangle and apply my shampoo and conditioner section by section. As a result, it cut down on my wash day time.

If you have thoughts about perming your hair after going natural, do not feel ashamed about it. The truth is that you are not alone. Try to develop a better natural hair regimen that fits your life.

What are your reasons for going natural?

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