Solange Knowles' Mold Breaking, Wedding Day Hair!

1BlessedNatural: Solange Knowles' Mold Breaking, Wedding Day Hair! (photo courtesy of Flickr- Geoffrey Franklin under the CC by 2.0)

Hey, my blessed naturals,
I'm late talking about Solange's mold breaking hair for her wedding, but better late than never, right? You must forgive me! When you Google the phrase "traditional Black wedding hairstyles" you will find that the majority of the hairstyle results are slick up-dos. Solange Knowles shut down the Internet on November 16, 2014 when she revealed her beautiful and unique wedding festivity pics of her rocking a thick and beautiful Afro and 5 different outfits. She wedded her longtime boyfriend, Alan Ferguson in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Solange posted a Facebook picture of herself wearing an off-the-shoulder piece, red lipstick, and Afro with white flowers in it. The young singer and fashion icon's look was for her rehearsal dinner. Her caption said,"Dreaming of these flowers my sister put in my hair at dinner. One by one they bloomed in my afro, and stayed there until I danced them away." Who needs "traditional" when you can rock your 'fro to your wedding? I read a range of responses on the Internet. Some people said they didn't like her hairstyle and other people said it was beautiful. I believe it's your hair and you can wear whatever hairstyle you prefer, especially on your wedding day. Now, try and Google "afro wedding hairstyles", and get your Afro wedding day on!

Solange Knowles wedding day rehearsal hair (photo courtesy of the Solange Knowles Facebook page)

What do you think of Solange's hairstyle at her wedding? What hairstyle did you wear to your wedding?

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