The Dove Hair "Love Your Curls" Commercial Will Break and Mend Your Heart!

1BlessedNatural: The Dove Hair "Love Your Curls" Campaign Will Break and Mend Your Heart 
Only 4 out of 10 curly haired girls think their hair is beautiful.

Yesterday, Dove Hair launched the "Love Your Curls" campaign that featured a commercial that will make your heart melt! The commercial begins with heartbreaking interviews with 5 little girls who have kinky and curly hair. The little girls, ages 5-11 state that they do not like their hair because they think straight hair is better. You could even see a couple of them pulling on their curls to illustrate the type of hair they desire. Dove teaches us that the best way to instill self-love of their curls is to be an example of it. The parents take their children outside, dance, and celebrate their hair. Dove asked the parents, family members, and friends to get together and surprise the girls with a song and dance party to celebrate their natural hair.

The expressions on the little girls' faces were priceless! Everyone had curly hair, including the DJ. You see the little girls whipping their hair back and forth like Willow--too cute! They sang "We All Love Our Hair (Love it, Love it) ." I was teary-eyed by the end of the video. The song is by Hey Jackson (JD Leblanc) featuring Sophia Bastian.

I think the The "Love Your Curls" campaign is an awesome one. The commercial is an illustration of what many of us kinky and curly-haired women have gone through. The interviews of the little girls, in the beginning, represent the type of attitudes that many of us natural hair lovers had growing up. Those feelings often times start during childhood and if unchecked, goes into adulthood. When you turn around, you wonder why your start perming your hair in the first place.

 The Dove Hair "Love Your Curls" (video)

Dove Hair was correct that we have to lead by example and show that we love our hair to encourage little girls to love theirs. Saturday night's OWN network documentary called "Light Girls" bought up a great point about the standards of beauty constantly changing in America. I see it slowly changing to include natural hair. I see more women with natural hair in commercials, ads, video games, etc. Kinks and curls are becoming mainstream. This is great because little kinky and curly-haired girls need to to be able to see themselves on television and other types of media. The Dove Hair "Love Your Curls" campaign is highlighting and adding to this fact.  Kudos to them!

What do you think of the Dove "Love Your Curls" video?

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