Fine Natural Hair: Single Strand Knots, Mini Twists, and Trimming My Ends

Copyright 2015-1BlessedNatural Mini Twists, Half Up and Half Down
1BlessedNatural- Fine Natural Hair: Single Strand Knots, Mini Twists, and Trimming My Ends

Happy Monday, my blessed naturals!
If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you might know that I spent Super Bowl Sunday doing mini two-strand twists yesterday. I installed the twists because my ends needed a trim badly. Although I didn't have many split ends, I had a lot of single strand knots (SSKs) and straight ends. Because my strands are fine, curly, and longer, they're starting to tangle a lot more. When my hair sheds, the shed hair tangles around my healthy strands. My hair has always sledded a lot, even when I was a child. If I try to pull the shed hair out of my hair by finger detangling, the hair pulls and snaps my healthy strands, resulting in straight ends. As a result, I have to use a comb for detangling at least one time during the week, other than wash day.

The last trimming of my ends was in October 2014. This time, I didn't have to cut off as much hair as I did the last time. If you are going to trim your hair while it is in mini twists, I would suggest using a fine tooth comb before twisting to ensure that your twists are smooth and uniform.

1BlessedNatural: ...shortly after I started my mini two-strand twists. This is the picture that was posted on Facebook and Instagram.

Copyright 2015 1BlessedNatural-Ends
 1BlessedNatural: straight (damaged) ends

Copyright 2015- 1BlessedNatural Mini Twists- Fuzzy Ends
1BlessedNatural: This pic was taken before trimming my ends. You can see some of them are fuzzy.

1BlessedNatural: another picture of my mini twists before trimming my ends.

Copyright 2015- 1BlessedNatural's End Trimmed
1BlessedNatural: February 1, 2015 ends trimmed

1BlessedNatural: my twists after trimming the ends

When was the last time you trimmed the ends of your natural hair? #naturalhairblog

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