3 Take Down Tips for Natural Hairstyles

Happy Wednesday, my blessed naturals!
It can be a chore to take down natural hairstyles, especially protective styles. Today, I wanted to give you 3 tips that help me when it comes to taking down natural hairstyles: 

1. Take your time.

Be sure to set aside enough time to take down your hair. If you try taking out braids or twists quickly, you run the risk of experiencing knots and breakage.

2. Apply products. 

If you're removing braids and twists, try applying an oil or cheap conditioner to them  to make them easier to remove. The conditioner can also improve the condition of your hair if it's dry.

3. Use tools.

 Using hair tools to take down your style can make the process easier and faster. You can always just use your fingers (of course) if that is easier for you. Here are some tools for common natural hairstyles:

1. Two-strand twists- fingers, comb- Hold the end of your twist with one hand. Slide your index finger (at the base) between the two sections of the twist, and slide down. Your twist should unravel. This method works if your hair was twisted without borrowing hair from the sections. If not, try unraveling the hair from the ends to the roots.

2. Braids/Conrows- teeth of a comb, end of rat tail comb- Start unraveling from the ends to the roots. 

3. Braid/twist extensions- scissors, fingers, comb, seam ripper- If you are removing long extensions, save on time and effort by cutting the bottom of the extensions where your hair does not reach. You can use this method if you are not planning to reuse the hair. If you are wearing knotted micro braids, try using a seam ripper or nail clipper to remove the knots.

4. Sewn-in weaves- seam ripper, scissors-Try using a seam ripper or scissors to cut the threads for your sewn-in weaves. Be careful not to cut your own hair. 

1BlessedNatural: In the picture, I was removing mini braids. I decided to install twists while taking the braids out.


*BONUS* Break down the style.

  If you are taking down a style and do not have time to wash your hair right away, try breaking down the braids/twists into bigger or smaller ones. Every time you take out 3 or 4 braids, twist or braid the section before moving to the next. This way, your hair will be styled until you have time to wash it. 

Are you planning on taking down your natural hairstyle soon?

                            Removed Microbraids