5 Steps for Washing and Detangling Long & Thick Natural Hair

1BlessedNatural: 5 Steps for Washing and Detangling Long & Thick Natural Hair

Happy Tuesday, my blessed naturals!
Two weeks ago, I did my niece Big Sister Natural's (BSN) hair for the first time. Many of you may know that she is 10 years old with a head full of super thick and long natural hair. She is also very tender-headed. I'm going to share with you my 5 steps of washing and detangling her hair:

1BlessedNatural: after applying olive oil to the first section of hair and twisting it

1. Use an oil, conditioner or moisturizer to detangle. 

After removing BSN's cornrows, I broke her hair down into medium sized sections. After spraying olive oil on each section, I gently finger detangled it. Coconut oil, in my experience is the best oil for detangling. If you use it you have to use large amounts on each section, especially if the hair is very thick. It's important to try and remove all of the shed hair to minimize tangles during the wash process. After each section was detangled, I two-strand twisted it. 

1BlessedNatural: washing BSN's hair in sections

2. Wash in several sections.

BSN's hair was washed in the same approx. 8 sections I put them in after detangling. I washed each section one by one, gently scrubbing her scalp to get it clean. It's important that you hold the ends of the hair while massaging the scalp to prevent it from tangling up. Afterwards, I left the shampoo on the section and moved on to the next one. Her hair was rinsed section by section after I finished shampooing the last one. Be sure to rinse the hair thoroughly. You can choose to lather up a second time if you notice the scalp did not get clean enough after the first wash. 

3. Apply a moisturizing conditioner.

For some reason, applying the conditioner after washing natural hair is my favorite part. I guess because that means I'm almost finished lol. Plus, I love how my hair softens after applying the conditioner. I used Tressemee Naturals on Big Sister Natural's hair, and her hair loved it! It became very soft an manageable. Because her hair is so thick, we used almost a whole bottle. She kept touching her hair because she couldn't believe how soft the conditioner made it. Afterwards, I put a conditioning cap on her head, and sat her under a heating cap for 30 minutes.

1BlessedNatural: Big Sister Natural was having a snack while I was detangling her hair 

4. Detangle with a wide tooth comb.

After BSN came from under the heating cap, I detangled her hair in medium size sections with the conditioner on it. Always detangle from tip to root, and don't rush through. Remember, detangling does not have to be painful. Although BSN is very tender-headed, but she was fine while I was doing her hair. 

1BlessedNatural: after applying the conditioner to BSN's natural hair

5. Rinse out the conditioner in sections.

Be sure to thoroughly wash out the conditioner from each section and re-twist it back up to prevent tangling. Afterwards, you can dry the hair with a t-shirt or towel by gently squeezing the water out.  T-shirts make the hair less frizzy. Style as usual!

Do you know someone with long & thick natural hair?

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