My Review of Cutting It: in the ATL- Season 1/ Episode 4

1BlessedNatural- My Review of Cutting It: in the ATL- Season 1/ Episode 4

Happy Friday, my blessed naturals,
Last night's episode of Cutting It: in the ATL "Turnt Up Truce" was CRAZY! The beginning of the episode is basically everyone recapping last week's hair show drama with their friends and "gusbands."

Meanwhile, Mushiya is back at her salon. The thing I really like about this part of the show is that she reveals her hiring process for new stylists. She let her 2 potential hires wash and attempt to style her husband and another client's hair. She walks over to the woman doing braid extensions to examine her work and tells her the braids have bubbles that can break the client's hair.Then, Mushiya does a sample braid for her, but the young lady is still not successful. Mushiya tells her she cannot allow her to practice at her salon. I thought it was really cool to see her give the stylist constructive criticism. The other stylist was successful at tightening Mushiya' s husband's  dreadlocs in good time, so she was hired.

Next, Dedra has an interesting meeting with her aunt Joanette. After she tells her the girls have been getting under her skin, her aunt tells her not to let them get to her. Then, Joanette tells Dedra she has always been the aggressor, even as a little kid. Dedra needs some prayers, because during her whole confessional she talks about someone coming for her. Again, the rocky relationship with her mom comes up, and Joanette suggests therapy. I have to agree with her!

After the drama last week at the hair show, LaKenya decides she wants to go ahead with her plans to open up her own salon. She meets with a business coach. I thought that was a smart move. Again, just like Mushiya's constructive criticism, this could help anyone who is looking to open up their own salon. The business coach advises LaKenya to get her finances in order, and she decides to learn all she can from the ladies in the meantime.

The Cutting It: in the ATL ladies

Afterwards, all the ladies decide to meetup at a restaurant to try and work things out to move towards Maja's plan of doing business together. You already know that didn't go well! Maja starts by saying she believes the disagreement between Dedra and Beautii is just a misunderstanding. Before she can really say much, Beautii goes off on her. Maja tells her she needs therapy. Mushiya cuts across the drama and tells everyone they will take 50 seconds to address the person. She says 60 seconds would have been too much. For a moment, the girls laugh.

Next, Beautii brings up her issue with LaKenya owing her money. When Mushiya asks Dedra to speak, she said she doesn't have a problem with anyone; she loves them all. Dedra was really attempting to stay drama free. Mushiya calls her bluff, and Dedra attempts to insult her by talking about her being African. Really? After all of the insults, Dedra throws money at Beautii and it's all over. The girls have a fight with poor Maja in the middle. Mushiya stays sitting at the table watching the madness. During her confessional, the naturalista said Dedra needed to be thrown in the the jungle with the wild animals in Africa, as a dig on the earlier insults. Clever and hilarious!

After the ladies are separated, Maja is livid. LaKenya is outside crying, apologizing to Derdra. She blames herself for the incident. Girl, these are grown women acting like they have no sense. It is not your fault. At this point, Dedra is not trying to admit she was wrong, but Beautii and LaKenya make up. Beautii tells LaKenya to be careful around Dedra and I agree. She said mentors don't throw money at people. Exactly! Throughout the last two episodes, LaKenya kept saying she didn't believe Dedra acted that way. Girl, believe it!

Mushiya's face when Dedra said she loved everyone. LOL
In addition, the fight caused injuries to Maja's foot and back, and she is not trying to hear anything from anyone. Beautii tries to call her and gets no answer. She seemed to have forgotten that she started an argument with her very early on. If I was Maja I would have given up trying to do business with everyone in the group except Mushiya, maybe. It is definitely "team too much."One good thing about the end of the drama was that Beautii realizes she is too old to be fighting and carrying on; she has a son at home. The salon owner said she could have won by being successful. Agreed!

Next, LaKenya meets with Dedra, and Dedra still doesn't want to admit she did anything wrong. She also claims that the way she acted at the restaurant wasn't her worst. At this point, LaKenya is finally seeing her "mentor" for her real self and realizes she can't trust her. Dedra admits she tried to insult Mushiya because she was foreign. Can we insert "girl bye" here?

Lastly, when Mushiya sees Maja at a bar, she tells her Beautii sent a spy to her shop. Can we say, upset? Mushiya also says she was not insulted by Dedra, and stopped talking to allow everyone to hear the foolishness coming out of her mouth. She is a proud African. I'm trying to figure out how being African is an insult, but that's a whole different conversation for another day. Next week Maja confronts Beautii about her sneaky ways and talks to LaKenya about her "mentor." We'll see how it all goes down!

What did you think of last night's episode of Cutting It: In the ATL?

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