My Nieces' Reactions to the Curly Kids Coloring Book

My Nieces' Reactions to the Curly Kids Coloring Books

Happy Monday, my blessed naturals!

Back in May, I told you all about the Curly Kids Coloring Book and did an interview with the author, Akira Byrd. I loved the idea of the coloring book so much that I purchased 2 of them for my nieces Big Sister Natural and Little Sister Natural.They received them this weekend.


 Their Reactions

Both of my nieces were really excited when I gave them their Curly Kids Coloring Books. Little Sister Natural was so excited that she ran from the kitchen to the living room! The eye-catching front cover of the book really made the girls smile, because they were able to relate to them.

When I asked Big Sister Natural what she liked about her coloring book, she said she liked all of the natural styles. She even tried making the characters into characters from her favorite cartoons. Little Sister Natural said she loved to scribble scrabble in her book. LOL. She even learned how to color within the lines after seeing my sister do it. Both of the girls spent hours coloring in their books. I have to send a BIG thanks to Akira Byrd for creating the Curly Kids Coloring Book!

1BlessedNatural: Little Sister Natural was enjoying  her Curly Kids Coloring Book! Her and her sis are rocking rubber band twists with no hair added.

1BlessedNatural: Big Sister Natural and Little Sister Natural coloring in their books

Are you going to get your kids their copy of the Curly Kids Coloring Book?

                             Little Girls' Long Rubber Band Twists