My Review of Cutting It: in the ATL Episode 8

1BlessedNatural: My Review of Cutting It: in the ATL Episode 8 (photo cred: WE tv)

Hey, my blessed naturals!

This week's episode 8 called "Let Them Eat Cake" of Cutting It: in the ATL was the one that made everyone's mouth drop! It begins where we left off last week with Dedra telling her client she found Maja's mugshot and record for supposedly writing bad checks. Straight craziness! Meanwhile, Maja is shopping with her attorney friend and says she still wants a baby.

Next, Mushiya announces her new line of natural hair extensions to her staff. My favorite line is when she says, "Call me nappy. I'm okay with it." Yes! She vows that her new line of hair is her secret weapon and will take her competitors down. Okay girl! The naturalista even debuts her theme song, and it has me cracking up! She is too funny.

Ms. Beautii J. and her 17-year-old son have a bonding moment at her salon. He makes her aware that he desires to spend more time with her, and she lets him know she is working hard to take care of him. I hope Maja watches this part of the show! Right after that, we see her visit an adoption agency to get information. The meeting is both awkward and funny at the same time.When Maja meets with the two interviewers, she tells them she is interested in a potty trained toddler. Sorry Maja, that is not happening! They make her aware the adoption process can be very hectic with home visits and background checks, and Maja finally decides to pump her breaks a bit on trying to adopt a child right away. They laugh a little, but stop when she starts talking about bringing babies back if they're not right. She has a dry sense of humor that goes over some people's heads. Plus, adopting a child is no joke. I'm glad she decides to wait a little longer.

1BlessedNatural- Cutting It: in the ATL ladies (photo cred: WE tv)

Moving along, LaKenya invites Dedra to a salon workshop, but Dedra thinks it's a waste of time. After she shows her Maja's mugshot, LaKenya finally decides it's time to quit Dedra's shop, Jdoah, it's about time!

Next, Beautii meets Mushiya at The Damn Salon to followup on a bet Mushiya lost on episode 3. Mushiya has to rock natural hair for Maja's party, and she hates the thought of it. Beautii tells Mushiya about her son wanting to spend more time with her. Mushiya makes a good point that if he wants to spend time with his mother at his age, he really needs her. While Beautii is braiding Mushiya's hair to put the wig on, Maja calls and tells Mushiya about Beautii's copycat banner. She says she is going to talk to Beautii about it at the party and doesn't want Mushiya to say anything. Little does she know, Beautii is listening! After Mushiya's hair is finished, she starts posing and working the hair. Hilarious!

Afterwards, LaKenya tells Dedra that she is going to leave her shop to open up her own. Thank God, she takes it well, because I wasn't sure how it would go. When she asks if she did anything to make LaKenya leave, she says no.  She knows it's time for her to have her own shop. Even though LaKenya cries, I know she is relieved. Dedra is even tearing up! Shocking! I hope she learns from her experience with LaKenya.

1BlessedNatural: Dedra's on Cutting It: in the ATL (photo cred: WE tv)

Next, Maja is preparing for her party, and Dedra is preparing to terrorize her. Dedra picks up a cake with Maja's mugshot on it and drops it off at her party venue. To top it all off, she even gets her a card. Through the whole episode, Dedra talks about Maja calling her "unladylike" in the last episode, but it's funny how she keeps proving her point. 

All the girls (minus Dedra) meet at Maja's party. Mushiya and her wig "Victoria" make their debut and she can't wait for it to be over. LaKenya and Maja (in her confessional) were not feeling it. Maja tells Beautii that she doesn't like the fact that she copied her ad. She also points out her grammatical errors, and they agree to talk before any similar decisions are made about Beautii's marketing moves. Plus, Maja becomes jealous when she sees Beautii flirting with her friend. Afterwards, the cake is brought out and everyone is shocked! It has a picture of Maja's mugshot with the question "Is THIS ladylike?" on the front of it, and she is mortified. Mushiya and Beautii trash the cake. I think Dedra's action was the lowest of the low. I can't believe she really went into investigative status and attempted to ruin Maja's reputation.

 After she vents in the restroom, Maja comes back and explains that the reason for her 22-hour visit in jail was basically a misunderstanding. Mushiya takes LaKenya to the side and asks her if she knows anything about the cake. LaKenya says she doesn't and believes team too much. Mushiya starts getting in LaKenya's face because she refuses to trash talk Dedra. At this point, I'm not feeling Mushiya's behavior because she needs to just leave LaKenya alone. In some situations, you need to let people come to their own conclusions without trying to push them. LaKenya walks away upset and Beautii comforts her. I thought that was nice. When LaKenya comes back into the party, the girls rally around her. She explains to them that she knows a different side to Dedra and does not want to be in between the drama. Go LaKenya! I'm glad she stood up for herself. Beautii and Maja vow to get back at Dedra. Mushiya is still excited about her secret weapon.

Next week is the season finale, and it's suppose to be another shocker. Like always, we'll see.

What did you think of Dedra's cake stunt?

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